Testimonials |  2 Boy's Smokehouse & Deli

Local meat shop in Cole Harbour Dartmouth, brings great meat to the table. They have a small deli section where they make fresh sandwiches. I recommend trying their mixed meat sandwich. The staff at 2 Boy’s were very friendly, it's worth the trip in just for the smell. Smoked meats, pepperoni, ham, Mmmmm. The store is very clean, meat cases cold and spotless. Love going there! - Mike Arsenault

Next time you are in a grocery store think about buying your pork and beef locally! The place has the atmosphere of an old fashion butcher shop where you can talk with the butcher and get any cut you want. The eggs and produce they carry are also local. Best place to get your meat. - Diana Rogers

The 2 Boy’s is the best place to get your pepperoni. They smoke it every week so their product is always fresh! I like to go in on the days where they smoke it fresh and you can smell when you drive by. I also by a lot of their homemade deli loaves, both the pepperoni and their home made meats have been some of my family favorites for years. I would recommend this place to anyone. - Alanna MacLeod

Best place for sandwiches. I get a mixed meat sandwich from there almost 3 times a week and every time is just as good as the last. They use all of their homemade loaves on their sandwiches with an assortment of condiments and vegetables for even more flavor. Great place to go for a quick lunch. - Rob DuFont

My favorite place to get quality meat and service. 2 Boy’s has competitive prices, I buy local chicken there all the time for only $3.99lb, and their pepperoni is delicious. They always have samples to try when you go in, and the girls that work there a so friendly and knowledgeable. - Lindsay Rein


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